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United Health Care (UHC) PPO Accepted

Do you have United Health Care PPO insurance and need effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain? Advanced Healing Institute in Lake Forest, CA, offers advanced options for treating arthritis, joints, sports injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions without surgery or dangerous pharmaceutical medications. Dr. Reza Dehdari and our team are committed to helping our patients relieve their pain and regain a higher quality of life with our non-invasive treatments. We accept several insurance plans, including United Health Care (UHC) PPO plans, to help cover the costs of treatments at our facility.

Dr. Dehdari is a highly experienced musculoskeletal radiologist who specializes in non-invasive, advanced treatments for joint and muscle pain. He has performed thousands of guided injections to offer healing and relief to those suffering from a wide assortment of musculoskeletal conditions. These treatments can be performed on an outpatient basis during an office visit. Options like platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cell and hyaluronic acid injections use healing components that are naturally-occurring without side effects, helping improve healing and reduce pain. For many of our patients, these treatments can offer relief, improve mobility and promote healing, often eliminating the need for surgery or other invasive treatments.

Effective, Non-Invasive Joint, Arthritis and Sports Injury Treatments

For those who want to explore other options for treating musculoskeletal conditions beyond pain medications and surgery, Advanced Healing Institute can offer solutions. Our goal is to provide our patients with access to advanced methods for treating tendonitis, arthritis, spine conditions, joint pain and other issues with non-invasive options. We offer second opinions on MRIs, comprehensive exams, diagnosis, x-rays and injection treatments. Many of our services are covered under standard UHC PPO plans to help make our treatments affordable for our patients.

If you suffer from a musculoskeletal condition that is causing you pain or discomfort, or limiting your mobility, contact our facility in Orange County to schedule an appointment. We accept UHC PPO plans and some other forms of insurance to help cover the costs for your exams, x-rays and some of our innovative treatment options.

Our Patient Reviews

Advanced Healing Institute

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Rich G.

Dr. Reza is a genius. My knee has been bothering me for YEARS since I tore my meniscus playing football. Achy, bothersome, with occasionally a limp. I went into to get PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and it was everything I thought it would be and then some. The whole procedure took less than an hour, very little to no pain and in less than 24 hours my knee felt brand new. If you are looking for a quality Doctor who offers PRP -- go here! The rates are very on point. He is literally THOUSANDS of dollars less than some other clinics and believe me he does such an amazing job, he could charge 10x's and it would still be worth it. Don't sit there suffering, get up and get help. I am actually thinking of getting my other knee done and its not really necessary. Lol.. 10 STARS...

Marina S.

Had the PRP procedure and I have to say no pain at all, going on 6 weeks, if you decide to have the PRP listen to Dr. Dehdari's instructions thoroughly and do the physical therapy, it works and I am so pleased and it's getting better and better as days go on, Dr. Reza Dehdari is the best and very emphatic in explaining all your questions soothing away your doubts, and he checks up on you to make sure all is well, after the PRP procedure. Very trustworthy PRP procedure and his assistant Sandy is also the sweetest caring person you will ever meet. I'm a satisfied customer and patient.

Angela Gabrielle Guison

I was suffering from plantar fasciitis for 3 months. It has now been 4 weeks since my PRP treatment and I am now pain free!! Great clinic & staff and great natural treatment!

axis avalos

Quite simple experience. Showed up to appointment, I was taken right away to room for PRP injection. Doctor was friendly and willing to try to help me, while many other doctors just told me they did not know what I had and told me they couldn't help my pain and sent me away. Nurse was quite nice as well. Will return for second set of injections for more pain reduction.

Amy Long

Chronic pain in shoulder and upper arm relieved by Dr. Reza's Lavage treatment using needling and ultrasound combined with Cortisone. Very professional, clean, nice office surroundings and friendly staff.

Jay S.

I took my wife to Dr Reza Dehdari to inject a PRP shot. He did a great job a such a painful shot but my wife did not feel a pain at all. He is very caring doctor. He called a few time to make sure everything is ok. We highly recommending him. Thank you Dr. Dehdari.

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