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November 13th, 2018
Woman in Pain at Right Deltoid Muscle Lake Forest CA

As one of the body’s most mobile joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments in the shoulder joint take a lot of wear and tear, with the potential to become unstable (Healthline). As a result, various forms of arthritis can affect the joint, leading to pain and decreased function.

As an autoimmune condition, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) manifests in several ways, from tenderness and a warm sensation in the joint to feelings of stiffness in the shoulders. Individuals with RA might notice bumps beneath the surface of the skin on the shoulders and arms known as rheumatoid nodules, while fatigue and weight loss are also common symptoms. Ultimately, RA damages the lining of the shoulder joint. Along with inflammation, the joint can become eroded and even deformed over time.

As a classic, yet challenging version of arthritis, Osteoarthritis (OA) is mostly associated with wear and tear. The main symptoms of OA include joint pain, tenderness and stiffness, and are more likely to occur in individuals over the age of 50. On the other hand, when arthritis develops as a result of an injury, it’s referred to as post-traumatic arthritis, or PA. Whether an injury is accident-related or sports-related, shoulder damage such as a fracture or dislocation can lead to PA, which is a result of fluid build-up and swelling in the joint. In turn, if the rotator cuff is injured, a person may experience severe pain and muscle weakness that impairs movement and overhead lifting. This type of arthritis is classified as Rotator Cuff Tear Arthropathy.

For many, shoulder pain and arthritis becomes a chronic, debilitating condition, and may produce secondary symptoms such as neck pain or upper back pain. Yet, there are options for treatment.

Effective Treatment For Shoulder Arthritis

As the founder of Advanced Healing Institute, Dr. Dehdari values innovative treatment modalities that are conservative in nature, helping patients avoid the need for surgery whenever possible. Aside from physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory medication, cortisone steroid injections are a versatile solution for arthritis. In addition, hyaluronic acid (HA) injections provide lubrication to affected joints, while stimulating the production of HA. Dr. Dehdari also leverages the power of regenerative medicine using platelet-rich plasma injections, which delivers a patient’s own blood plasma to an affected area or joint to signal healing and tissue repair.

For effective treatment of your shoulder arthritis, contact Advanced Healing Institute today!

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Rich G.

Dr. Reza is a genius. My knee has been bothering me for YEARS since I tore my meniscus playing football. Achy, bothersome, with occasionally a limp. I went into to get PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and it was everything I thought it would be and then some. The whole procedure took less than an hour, very little to no pain and in less than 24 hours my knee felt brand new. If you are looking for a quality Doctor who offers PRP -- go here! The rates are very on point. He is literally THOUSANDS of dollars less than some other clinics and believe me he does such an amazing job, he could charge 10x's and it would still be worth it. Don't sit there suffering, get up and get help. I am actually thinking of getting my other knee done and its not really necessary. Lol.. 10 STARS...

E Y.

Dr Reza is FANTASTIC. Staff is friendly and very accommodating. I was in such pain. He diagnosed the issue (Bursitis) and clearly understood everything about it from A-Z. So efficient and understanding, not to mention making the procedure painless. I barely slept a hour the night before, saw Dr. Reza at 5pm and was feeling a million times better by 7pm. It's been 36 hours and I went from practically a frozen shoulder in pulsating pain to gaining back 70% of my movement range and most importantly "NO PAIN". just stiffness which is the normal symptoms as kindly explained to me by Dr. Reza. Everything is as promised, I am fully confident that I will be back to 100% range of motion within 3 days. I'm still gonna take it easy and slowly stretch my shoulder back to full strength. Without his service, I would probably be feeling like I was hit by a truck laying in bed miserable. Thank you very much Dr. Reza for helping my aging old bones. Cheers!

Angel K.

This place is amazing. I took my aunt to Dr. Dehdari since she was in so much pain to her left knee due to Arthritis Dr. Dehdari explained to us about PRP and after the PRP procedure she has no more pain. When we went there she was using a cane but right now she doesn't use it at all. PRP works miracle.

Marina S.

Had the PRP procedure and I have to say no pain at all, going on 6 weeks, if you decide to have the PRP listen to Dr. Dehdari's instructions thoroughly and do the physical therapy, it works and I am so pleased and it's getting better and better as days go on, Dr. Reza Dehdari is the best and very emphatic in explaining all your questions soothing away your doubts, and he checks up on you to make sure all is well, after the PRP procedure. Very trustworthy PRP procedure and his assistant Sandy is also the sweetest caring person you will ever meet. I'm a satisfied customer and patient.

Tara E.

My son went to see Dr. Reza for a shoulder injury he received from repeated use due to training. My son had tried physical therapy and a cortisone shot with little success. Dr. Reza thoroughly explained the benefits of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and he felt confident he could help my son. The procedure itself is amazing and my son was comfortable the entire time. I LOVE the fact that my son's own body was healing itself without the use of drugs. His shoulder is so much better and he was able to resume training after two weeks. I would highly recommend the PRP shot with Dr. Reza and will definitely see him again if the need arose.

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