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Injections for Pain Relief near Irvine

Do you live in Irvine and need an alternative to traditional pain relief? Platelet rich plasma (PRP) uses injections that target the source of pain and help to repair damage. You will find relief from your pain, discomfort and reduced mobility when you trust Dr. Dehdari as your treatment provider in California.

This treatment is safer than similar injection treatment options near Irvine due to the fact that the patient’s own blood is the source of the platelet rich plasma. At the Advanced Healing Institute, Dr. Dehdari’s experience as a radiologist has allowed him to develop a treatment plan that applies medicine with precision.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (Regenerative Medicine)?

Platelet rich plasma is necessary for effective repair mechanisms in the body. Platelets initiate healing, but the process can take a considerable amount of time. By injecting platelet rich plasma directly into the source of pain, the body is given a healing boost.

Some of the benefits of PRP injections are that it provides targeted pain relief, it is safe and results in no need for recovery. Many pain relief procedures and medications can have adverse side effects such as fatigue and nausea. With platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment, you can get back much of your old life without consequence.

Still have Questions?

As part of our commitment to ensuring every patient is ready for platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment, we provide a consultation for all new potential patients. You get the chance to ask in depth questions to our team and Dr. Dehdari about the treatment. Once you decide to go ahead with PRP, we can begin treatment at your convenience and help you gain freedom from chronic pain.

Contact our office today to arrange your consultation at the Advanced Healing Institute. We are waiting to guide you through your next steps toward safe and effective pain relief.

Our Patient Reviews

Advanced Healing Institute

5 / 5.0

Based on 23 reviews

Marina S.

Had the PRP procedure and I have to say no pain at all, going on 6 weeks, if you decide to have the PRP listen to Dr. Dehdari's instructions thoroughly and do the physical therapy, it works and I am so pleased and it's getting better and better as days go on, Dr. Reza Dehdari is the best and very emphatic in explaining all your questions soothing away your doubts, and he checks up on you to make sure all is well, after the PRP procedure. Very trustworthy PRP procedure and his assistant Sandy is also the sweetest caring person you will ever meet. I'm a satisfied customer and patient.

Angela Gabrielle Guison

I was suffering from plantar fasciitis for 3 months. It has now been 4 weeks since my PRP treatment and I am now pain free!! Great clinic & staff and great natural treatment!

Heather Christine

5 words.....Experienced, Clean, Friendly, Easy, Fast, Results!!!!!!

Ted Mayer

Went to see Dr. Dehdari for information about PRP treatment, on my hip, and he was able to explain the procedure and really explained it all very well. I had the PRP treatment performed over a month ago, and it has helped so much. Most of the pain in the hip is now gone and I no longer walk with a limp. If your looking for information about PRP, I would definitely recommend co silting with Dr. Dehdari.

Mel K.

I have been suffering for years with knee pain due to over use and years of playing sports. But after seeing Dr. Dehdari and getting treatment my pain is gone and I have never felt better. I am back to doing the activities I love. I got an appointment right away and he was very caring and paid attention to what I had to say.

Johnny Alborzzi

This is the natural way of letting the body heal itself with the help of an expert like Dr. Dehdari. I tried everything else -- steroids, cortisone, etc.; nothing worked. Then one visit to Dr. Dehdari and my tennis elbow is gone. Highly recommend him and this procedure.

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