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Knee Pain Relief and Treatment Near Anaheim

The Advanced Healing Institute offers effective knee pain relief and treatment near Anaheim and Irvine. If you are one of the countless number of people experiencing debilitating knee pain, you can now find relief. No more steroid injections and pain relievers. Instead, you can benefit from an innovative treatment using your blood rather than chemicals and prescriptions.

Stop Suffering from Knee Pain!

How many ways has your life changed due to your knee pain? Knee pain can cause you to give up favorite sports, running certain errands and even working. Whether you are a weekend warrior who overdid the jogging route or a senior suffering from osteoarthritis, knee pain can take the joy out of life. It slows you down and makes some tasks impossible. Many people coping with chronic pain in the knee find they cannot even flex or extend the knee, due to swelling or even a broken patella.

There are a lot of underlying causes of knee pain. It is important to have a thorough examination to find out why the pain began. It could be obvious, such as an injury, or the reason could be connected to a disease or other health condition, like gout or arthritis.

Several kinds of arthritis affect the knees, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. All types of arthritis may include swelling and pain and lead to ongoing knee problems. Knee strains are also painful and debilitating. They can be a one-time injury, or they can become a recurring trauma, leading to a degenerative condition requiring surgery.

Traditional knee pain treatments include icing and elevating the knee and using anti-inflammatory medications, including over-the-counter NSAIDs and prescription medication. Using a brace, maintaining a healthy weight and having the correct posture when standing, sitting, walking and exercising are all wise choices to prevent recurrence of knee pain or injury. Unfortunately, for far too many patients, these measures are still ineffective at providing true relief.

Cutting-Edge Treatment to Relieve Chronic Knee Pain

Now is the time for a cutting-edge treatment option to relieve your chronic knee pain at the Advanced Healing Institute. Dr. Reza Dehdari provides PRP injections that are truly revolutionary, extremely safe and very effective.

Our bodies are designed with nearly everything we need for healing. When a wound bleeds, the blood flushes out foreign bodies and toxins. Then, the platelets in the blood begin to clot, allowing the wound to begin healing. This alone makes the platelets a very important healing factor for the regeneration of a wound.

Clotting is just the beginning of the wonders of the platelets in the blood. Platelets are also teeming with healing and growth factors that facilitate the rapid healing of injured or deteriorated tissue like tendons, ligaments and even bone. One of the most revolutionary healing treatments for knee pain, among other issues, utilizes the platelets and maximizes their healing effect. This is known as platelet-rich plasma, or PRP.

The treatment is simple. A small blood sample is taken from the patient. The sample is placed into a centrifuge, where it is spun very rapidly, separating the platelets from the other factors in the blood. These platelets, in plasma, are then injected directly into the area that is producing pain. In an average blood sample, 6% of the blood is made up of platelets. In PRP injections, a whopping 94% of the fluid is made up of rejuvenating platelets. This extraordinary fluid promotes rapid healing, bringing pain relief often with just one treatment.

Find Out if PRP is for you with a Free Consultation

Are you ready to find out if PRP is the revolutionary pain relief treatment to eliminate your knee pain? Contact the Advanced Healing Institute today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Dehdari. He will answer all your questions about PRP and other possible treatment options. Take the first step to relieving your knee pain today.

Our Patient Reviews

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Rich G.

Dr. Reza is a genius. My knee has been bothering me for YEARS since I tore my meniscus playing football. Achy, bothersome, with occasionally a limp. I went into to get PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and it was everything I thought it would be and then some. The whole procedure took less than an hour, very little to no pain and in less than 24 hours my knee felt brand new. If you are looking for a quality Doctor who offers PRP -- go here! The rates are very on point. He is literally THOUSANDS of dollars less than some other clinics and believe me he does such an amazing job, he could charge 10x's and it would still be worth it. Don't sit there suffering, get up and get help. I am actually thinking of getting my other knee done and its not really necessary. Lol.. 10 STARS...

Angel K.

This place is amazing. I took my aunt to Dr. Dehdari since she was in so much pain to her left knee due to Arthritis Dr. Dehdari explained to us about PRP and after the PRP procedure she has no more pain. When we went there she was using a cane but right now she doesn't use it at all. PRP works miracle.

Marina S.

Had the PRP procedure and I have to say no pain at all, going on 6 weeks, if you decide to have the PRP listen to Dr. Dehdari's instructions thoroughly and do the physical therapy, it works and I am so pleased and it's getting better and better as days go on, Dr. Reza Dehdari is the best and very emphatic in explaining all your questions soothing away your doubts, and he checks up on you to make sure all is well, after the PRP procedure. Very trustworthy PRP procedure and his assistant Sandy is also the sweetest caring person you will ever meet. I'm a satisfied customer and patient.

Angela Gabrielle Guison

I was suffering from plantar fasciitis for 3 months. It has now been 4 weeks since my PRP treatment and I am now pain free!! Great clinic & staff and great natural treatment!

Chad M.

Dr. Dehdari comes across authentic and spends the necessary time to really understand the situation. Highly recommended

Axis Avalos

Quite simple experience. Showed up to appointment, I was taken right away to room for PRP injection. Doctor was friendly and willing to try to help me, while many other doctors just told me they did not know what I had and told me they couldn't help my pain and sent me away. Nurse was quite nice as well. Will return for second set of injections for more pain reduction.

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